Abigail Swoboda is a queer poet and writer who eats too much oatmeal and keeps the windows open year-round.  Abigail was born in Baltimore, MD and grew up in farm country Central PA but is now based in Philadelphia, PA, where they are currently pursuing their M.A. in English at Temple University. In 2020, Abigail earned their B.A. in English with a concentration in creative writing in addition to a B.A. in French, both from Temple University.

You can find Abigail crafting spice blends, teaching kindergarten in Center City, embroidering until their fingers are raw, reading prose for Chestnut Review, devouring every Gertrude Stein text in sight, and cooking gluten free and vegetarian dishes (with the windows open, naturally).

In their work, Abigail seeks to explore abrasive domesticity, mistaken motherhood, and the tenderness uncovered in fractured places.

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