Chew on This!

I have never written about this on my website before, but I really love to cook. If I can make myself a nice dinner or even just a nice meal, the day has been a success in some way for me.

I'm especially proud of this personal attribute, because it is something I really had to work on. One is not good at cooking right away by any means. I'm still learning, but I feel confident when I'm in the kitchen, now. I haven't even really been using so many recipes these days, just winging it, so to speak. And that feels good!

Food, especially after moving out on my own, has become an important part of my life and of my daily self-care. Even my morning oatmeal and black coffee means something to me. This is not the relationship with food I've always had, and I'm very proud that I've gotten here.

It started with baking. And baking started with The Great British Baking Show. And that's how I found FILLER Zine in a very strange and circular way. Of course my queer ass follows fan favorite Bake-Off contestant Ruby Tandoh on every social media. And one day she reposted a call for submissions for one FILLER Zine on her Instagram story, so of course I checked it out. I am nosy and I like submitting things.

What I found was a beautiful zine all about food and its role in life. I swooned. So much of my poetry and even prose is centered around food (and kitchens, as we've covered in older posts), so I knew I had to submit a few things.

I sent off a few poems, and within a few hours I heard back from FILLER's creator Holly Eliza Temple that she would like to include my poem "Farmers Market Before Dark" in FILLER Issue 04. I wouldn't shut up about it for the rest of the day, and neither would my racing heart.

I am proud to say that I ordered three copies of the zine yesterday, and I cannot wait for them to come in the mail. I am now impatiently waiting for the time to come when I can curl up at my kitchen table and read all about food relationships by the other 31 artists and writers included in FILLER Issue 04.

If you would also like to get your hands on a copy, click here.

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