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I joined twitter a couple months ago (@orbigail) with the idea of getting in the literary loop on that platform in addition to instagram. I had no clue I would find myself some part of such a supportive and blossoming literary community!

Through twitter, one way or another, I found so many amazing new publications that I wouldn't have otherwise, which means so many new places to read and to submit to. Both pretty exciting ideas to me.

One of these journals I found through twitter and that I saw constantly supporting their writers with amazing enthusiasm is The Daily Drunk. I found myself really digging all of their posts, which have a focus on humor. I also really enjoyed their anti-gatekeeping and anti-pretention aims that they lay out on their website.

So I decided to submit a new poem to them that was more humor-forward than most of my work typically is. Fittingly, I was just a little drunk, having just had some cider after dinner. I sent out my piece, and felt pleased as usual, bracing myself for the three-to-forever response time so many literary publications adhere to. Nothing could have prepared me to receive an enthusiastic acceptance only five minutes later! I think I yalped. Yes, yalped.

Now it's a week later, and in the fasted turn-around I've ever seen and think I can ever hope to see again, here is my poem, "Pretty Teeth Happy Dagger." I highly suggest you read it aloud if you choose to read it at all.

To read on their website, click here.

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