This One's Pretty Hellish...

Despite having a degree in it, I don't write a whole lot of prose. I think this happens more often than people think, but after graduating undergrad with my concentration in fiction, I pivoted hard and have been only writing poetry since, with a very, very slight exception for prose-poetry.

This being said, all I used to do was write prose, and I did that for a very long time, which I was reminded of during the process of the publication of "Parade to the Grave" in Elevator Stories, the newest imprint of Thirty West Publishing House, in their inaugural issue, Level Zero: Hell.

This is a story I drafted for the first time when I was seventeen. Yes, like junior in high school seventeen. It's a little bit hard to let go of, having held it so close to me and changing it so much over the last nearly six years, but I think it is actually in its final form. They grow up so fast.

This publication is also special because it includes an audio element! It's kind of growing to become my favorite thing when anywhere asks that I provide audio of me reading the piece. This is partly selfish, because I always love it when I get to hear writers read their own work aloud. Elevator Stories is sort of a journal-podcast hybrid in this way, and it has made the process of working my way through the rest of the contributors' pieces so much more exciting than usual. All the voices, I just love it.

If you feel like reading something hellish, please check out "Parade to the Grave" and also all of the rest of the work included in Elevator Stories, Level Zero: Hell. But, you know, beware...abandon all hope all ye who enter here and all that jazz.

To read (and listen!), click here.

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