publications & awards

FILLER, Issue 04

"Farmers Market Before Dark"

Ghost City Review, September - October 2020

"Recipe for the Upswing"

HAD, Hobart After Dark (25 September 2020)

"The Last Great American Small Town"

deathcap, Issue 1 (September 2020)


"Closed Eyes as Black Obsidian"

Wax Nine (2 September 2020)

"After the Water Turns Over"

"Thursday, 9 a.m."

VERSIFICATION, September 2020


Rust + Moth, Autumn 2020

"My Methuselah"

The Aurora Review, Issue III (August 2020)


FERAL: A Journal of Poetry and Art, Issue 3: BODY (August 2020)

"Soft As Milk"

"The Echo of the Music"

"Planting Cantaloupes"

Elevator Stories, Level Zero: Hell (23 July 2020)

"The Parade to the Grave"

The Daily Drunk (7 July 2020)

"Pretty Teeth Happy Dagger"

Lucky Jefferson, 365 Collection (2020)

"Summer Bodies"

Passengers Journal, Volume 1, Issue 1 (July 2020)

"How Cool Kids Lace Their Shoes"

Yikes? Mag (11 June 2020)

"Our Semi-Permanent Penumbral Shadow"

The Pointed Circle, Issue 36 (2020)

"The Littlest Dipper"

Awakened Voices, Issue 10: Intention for Change (May 2020)

"Grocery Store Tenderness"

2020 Brain Mill Press National Poetry Month Shortlist Poet

"Knee High by July"

ASTERISM: Volume 4 (2020)

"The Borrowed Spectacle of an Imagined Home"


ASTERISM: Volume 3 (2019)

"And the Pulp"

Perceptions, Volume 4, Issue 1: Foundations and Aspirations (Fall 2017)

"The Success of Sophisticated Formalism in Modern Pop Music"

The Best Teen Writing of 2015

"NFL'Oreal: A New Kind of Cover-Up"

National Gold Medal for Humor, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards 2015

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